Creating a Selectable Shape in order to paste an image within the area of the body we choose

The idea is to isolate the area of the body we want the tattoo to appear in.

  • Paste the photograph of the person into a new standard paper sized Document. (300dpi)

  • Within the Layer of the photograph, we SELECT the shape we want by drawing inside of the area with the Quick Selection Tool - If Photoshop selects too much, just hold down the Option (or Alt) key and then draw over the areas you want to remove from the selection.

  • With the selection still active, create a new Layer. Layer -> New -> Layer (Fig.1)

  • Click the new Layer in the Layers Window and fill the Selection with a solid color. Either use Alt+Delete or the menu is Edit -> Fill (Contents White). This makes it easily selectable later on, as we continue to paste within that shape. Let’s title this Layer “Body Shape”.

  • If you happen to deselect the shape, simply Command+Click onto the Layer “Body Shape” in your Layers window and it’ll automatically reselect the chosen shape.

  • With the shape still selected, create a New Layer for us to paste into by using the menu: Layer -> New -> Layer

  • If you have the source image opened (flowers), you can click the name of it and then Select it all (Command+A) or the menu is Select -> All and copy the image of the flowers.

  • Now go back to the original Document and paste the floral image we copied, into the selected shape. Edit -> Paste Special -> Paste Into (Fig. 2)

  • With the new flower image pasted into the shape, change the blending mode of the Layer to “Multiply” (Fig. 3)

  • *Make sure the Eyeball icon next to the Body Shape is clicked and turned off. This hides the white shape layer. Just click it again if you need to see it.

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Fig. 1


Fig. 2

Fig. 3