Workshop Materials


I’ll keep loading this page up with as much information as possible from my workshops! There’s a lot of love and work put into this, so please keep this little website private. Thank you! The longer talks I record will have links to the video on Vimeo, the password will be under the link. - David

Photoshop Walkthrough

Document Basics in Photoshop

Initially, the document setup can be the most important first step. Once you got this down, you won’t need this anymore… but it’s always handy!

Body Template

After taking a photo of a client, use this walkthrough to isolate areas of the body to use a template to bring images into.

Stencil Ready

A quick reminder on how to prep any images to be stencil ready, using Photoshop filters. Can be used even if not “printing” stencils.

Workshop Related PDFs


Shop Stuff

Because people have asked, here’s some of the products and items I use at the shop.