Tattoos stations (x2)

One primary station where I can move my tray around the table. Table will be stationary. Good lighting over it would be nice, but not absolutely necessary as I’ll have a surgical light on a roller base near me always.

Secondary station will have a tray or cart that doesn’t move and a portable massage table can be assembled based on use. This is for visiting artists or if I’m doing smaller tattoos.


The current bathroom is tiny. It’d be nice to have a comfortable changing area in the bathroom. The women have to change into something before they come out to my station to get tattooed. They're used to revealing themselves clinically. I want to stay away from "clinical"... what if comfortable and elegant was the alternative? Can a space convey trust? These women need to feel safe always.

Communal area

Often a client will bring members of their family. It’d be lovely to have a couch, chair and coffee table area. The family will spend a few hours there and then near the client. (back and forth)

Meeting/Teaching area

I imagine a long table, like the ones I just saw in Studio Gang. One with chairs where I can sit with 6-9 people and talk and teach and go over exercises and a curriculum. This could also double as a work space on the table. Maybe a TV or screen close or able to be brought out… as a display for information as we talk. I'd love this but it's the one area that's optional if the space doesn't allow.

Photography and documentation area

A small area to photograph clients before and after. I’ll have a black backdrop and some lights always setup. Right near it, I have a 3D body scanner rig. It’s also relatively small, big enough to surround a person and take multiple photos. Both areas require a black wall and or black backdrop.


My little office will have to be near the photo area as the computer connects to the 3D rig. It’d be a computer and desk, but also a drawing table.  I usually include the client initially and have them talk and help me design their project. Then I spend about an hour alone and finish it up. Being able to remove myself from their line of site and energy is important to help collect myself and recharge during heavy sessions.


Tattoo and art supplies - paper towels, ink caps, boxes of gloves, paper, etc. A little bit of shelving?


Extra stuff:


I’ve about 20 paintings I’d love to hang. Maybe fill a wall, a gallery wall? They’ve been collected to inspire both the women and myself. I love the gallery walls or even the Crate and Barrel shelving that lines up rows of paintings on a small shelf.


Any bookshelf would be incredible. It's not necessary, but having my collection of art books near or in the office area would be amazing.


The health code requires I have a sink near my station. There’s already a slop sink in there... near the bathroom.


Photos/video of the space:

Looking towards the front windows.

Looking towards the front windows.

Looking towards the rear and entrance of the space.

Looking towards the rear and entrance of the space.