Client - Tattoo design and process examples

I find the more information I know about something, the less anxiety I’ll have. If emotions require an action, listing steps (and knowledge) is THE BEST action to help prepare for the anxiety towards the unknown. On this page, I’ve recorded some quick video examples and taken photos all along the process. I hope this helps you understand more as we go through this together!

Video Examples

01. After we talk and I've learned what areas attention should be put towards, 3-5 completely separate compositions are designed. Each design is based on the freedom of placement, type of flower, and style that has been communicated. This process usually takes about an hour.

02. We then critique and go over each design together. This is a process of elimination. Often one or more compositions stand out... then we edit and tweak to liking. This is custom for you! I'm not married to any of my ideas, your needs are far more important.

03. Once the design and composition is decided, we turn the original imagery into a bold outline for a stencil. It’ll appear as a simplified version of the flowers you selected.

04. After we measure the image to your body, the simplified version is then printed on carbon paper. This is your stencil! The stencil acts as framework for the tattoo. Once it's on your body, I use this to keep the image as close to the original as possible.

05. (Video is sped up x4) Together we figure out placement for the stencil and place it on your body. Often this process takes a few tries.

Photo examples

If you click on each image, a larger view and a more detailed description will show up.