New studio for mastectomy clients!

    A vision

    Six months ago I was asked what I could do to further this form of tattooing. With so many women already coming in, I realized I could only do so much. But what if we could quantify the technical aspects of covering scars and also articulate the interpersonal (empathy) importance to tattooers, doctors and plastic surgeons?

    With help from Northwestern Medicine and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, we're going to do just that. The goal is to raise the bar for quality and execution by creating a curriculum so that other artists and surgeons can go forth and change one person at a time.

    This is the intersection of art and medicine.

    The idea is provide a safe and healing environment for these women that travel in from all over the world. As well as a technologically advanced center to tattoo, research, and educate.

    Existing Mastectomy Clients

    • If I've tattooed you and you'd like to keep in touch and even be a part of this project, I've setup a form for you to fill out. I have all of your details, but I'd like more. Please fill out the form here, it'll help so much. There's a point where I'd love to rephotograph your healed tattoos. I know travel is involved, so if you happen to be around Chicago, please let me know! 

    How you can help

    Artists, designers
    A large part of the educational process is me wrapping my head around designing for a three dimensional form. Do you design or create on a dimensional surface? Are you a driven fashion designer, architect, photographer, product designer, sculptor, textile creator, graffiti artist, graphic designer, or painter? Please contact me. I'd love to film an hour or so of conversation and brainstorming that could give insight for many other people that will embrace this course.

    Plastic surgeons
    In effort with surgeons in both Chicago and Minneapolis, we're diving into discussion about what tattooing can be. If a patient knows and communicates that one of the final steps is a mastectomy, are there steps that can be altered to fit the final decision at hand? Does this pique your interest and your background is not only fitting, but ideas have crossed your mind? Please get a hold of me! (

    Programmers, 3D sculptors
    I'm dipping my toes in programming and designing a Virtual Reality environment based on my new space. Any help with Unity or with creating for Virtual or Augmented spaces would absolutely incredible. I'll be implementing photogrammetry to capture people, then I'd love for them to be able to walk around themselves within my environment. Basically, I'm looking to build a virtual stage I can throw 3D objects in. If you can help, please contact me. (

    Companies, corporations
    I'd love to be able to provide these women with gift bags after their procedure. Any donations, additions, and/or sponsorships that are fitting and patient focused could easily increase comfort and healing. Please contact me via


    The new studio is located in the historic Deagan building within Chicago's Ravenswood. The space is stunning...


    • I'm hesitant to post this, but so many people have asked how to contribute monetarily. I can't thank you enough. I've setup a way to give a tip and can accept larger tips via Paypal. All proceeds will go directly into creating the most lovely environment and purchasing supplies for the women that'll be getting tattooed within the new studio. The tip jar is below, but you can also paypal me directly as friends/family to
    Tip Jar