DEPOSIT for Mucha, Evening Star

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DEPOSIT for Mucha, Evening Star


You're paying the DEPOSIT for this single use Mucha illustration to be tattooed on you. Entitled, "The Moon and the Stars: Evening Star" (1902), this stunning image will fit any vertical location: thigh, inner-arm, calf, inner forearm.  Each image has a license/permission fee which is reflected in the pricing. - Also, I'm overestimating the amount of time it'll take. I'm pretty quick, I just want to make sure I do these justice!

  • The price of this tattoo  is $350 an hour and will take two sessions. (4-7 hours total, depending on sizing - we'll discuss)
  • $350 is your non-refundable deposit and comes off of the price of the tattoo.
  • Sizing is up to you, just can't be too small.
  • Tattoo will be black and grey and will be placed on arm or leg. (no ribs)
  • Free touch-up, of course.
  • Your tattoo will be at Pioneer on March 20th at 10 am. (Second appointment will be booked after we email)

Deposits are non-refundable, appointment dates and times are non transferable.

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