• I’ve found that black and grey floral work is organic and tends to cover so so well. Color fades while black and grey holds up over time and feels classic.

  • Occasionally a second session is needed. Depends on the complexity of the work. This would be discussed the day of before any decisions are made.

  • A touch-up is absolutely free. If anything needs to be darkened or heals off because of the scarring, we’ll setup another quick session to fix it all.

  • Here's a link to the CLIENT AREA I send to smaller tattoos. It'll give you an idea of my process as well:


I've hand picked your project! That's exciting for me. I'm fortunate to be able to choose the pieces I want to pour myself into. And mastectomy tattoos are close to my heart. This place will give you information to help you along the process.


After going through your email, I’d love to start this process! 
I can't wait to sit with you and figure out floral design and placement for your mastectomy tattoo.

My goal is to create something beautiful with you. Every mastectomy and/or reconstruction is completely different. The scarring is random, so we take time together and tailor something elegant and floral to fit your body shape and your healing.

The process is incredible. I give you my day… all of it takes place in one day. From start to finish, we sit and talk. We assess what areas need work or coverage and personal preferences. Then I design it on the spot. You’ll see a photo of you and I’ll spend time seeing what would look best. Next we put on a stencil to see how the tattoo will fit your body. It’s liberating.

Finally, I’ll talk you through the tattoo process and we’ll tattoo! 

* Occasionally, I'll have questions and might ask for an OR (Operation Report), and, if need be, communicate with your plastic surgeon. It's rare, but certainly useful as a precaution if I have concerns!


Doing mastectomy tattoos is one of the most rewarding things I’ve done. It’s mentally and emotionally heavy in the best way possible. I pour myself into each project! Because of this, I take on only two a month. Each person is hand picked from a load of emails. 

I have three days a month set aside and we'll correspond with you to see what works. We do the booking twice a year and load up six months worth in advance. This helps with traveling and organizing. 


The price of the process, the day, and the tattooing is $1600.
To start, I take a $300 deposit. This solidifies the appointment and comes out of the total fee on the day of the appointment. (Please use the link below)


Allen Tattoo is in Chicago, Illinois. The address is 4201 N Ravenswood Avenue.  You will press 105 on the call box to be buzzed in.  We are located directly to the left once you enter and walk up a couple of stairs, on the ground floor.  There is street parking on Ravenswood.  We are also two blocks away from either the Irving Park or Montrose Brown Line stop as well as two blocks from either the Irving Park or Montrose bus stop at Ravenswood.