I haven't been accepting clients for awhile now, simply because I'm trying desperately to keep up with my existing clients. That being said, every now and then I'm going to open up a week to tattoo something I specifically want to work on...

This June I'd like to recreate these French bird engravings as black and grey tattoos on Monday the 15th through Friday the 19th.

  • With so much detail, I'd like to make sure they aren't too smalll, from 5" width to even bigger.
  • Each bird will cost from $600-$1000. (based on size, placement and time)
  • Will be completed in one session - one free touch-up is included (of course)
  • Only 10 of these will be made. That's it.
  • $150 deposit is required upon approval. (The $150 will come off of the price of the tattoo upon completion, www.allentattoo.com/payment

Select or click the images and it'll pop up for a larger version. You'll see the corresponding number and if it's available or not.  Choose one and fill out the contact form. If approved, I'll send the date and time after the deposit is made.