Setting up an appointment


Response has been overwhelming lately: it's a great problem to have. Expect a delay in responding. Also, the projects I'm taking on are ones that I'll see myself enjoying the most. If you receive a rejection letter, please don't take it personal! It's simply a matter of time and wanting to invest in what feels most fitting. Thank you for trying to understand!


To setup an appointment, read this page then fire off one long e-mail with attachments. Instead of multiple e-mails with extra details, it'll be much easier to keep track of you that way.


Make sure you include your name and contact info: preferred e-mail, cell, etc. Also, you'll probably have to cater to my schedule, but I can try to help. Please tell me (briefly) what days and times are best. And know that weekends are always full much farther in advance.


If possible, please make sure your imagery is high resolution. The better the source photo, the better the end result. Know that if all we can pull is small internet images, we may not be able to capture as much.

Tattoo details

Give me as much information as you can...
• What is the tattoo? If the significance is important, let me know.
• Where will it be placed on your body?
• What size will it be? (approximate dimensions helps)
• Black and gray or color?
• Can you attach some example images? (anything to show direction helps)
• Give me some adjectives (clean, soft, realistic, angry, strong, etc.)


Larger pieces take more time. I can help estimate, but it's hard to truly know how long the process will take. Most full sleeves take anywhere from 20 to 40 hours. Half sleeves can take between 10 and 20 hours. The larger pieces are divided into smaller sessions of which can span between 4-12 months.

• Usually, the first session requires a minimum of 2 to 3 hours.
• It's good to setup the next appointment(s) ASAP with ample time for healing in between.
• Sessions are usually 2-4 hours. But I can go as long as 8 hours if need be.


Estimated pricing for single sitting tattoos can be given as an estimate. But the actual price is always determined by the final/complete piece. Unless the client gives me a spending limit in advance, then the tattoo will be sized and detailed accordingly. This is fair for both you and me - nobody will be uncomfortably locked into an over or under estimate.

My standard tattoo rate is $200 an hour.

To setup the first appointment, I take a non refundable $200 deposit. 
This deposit goes towards the price of the tattoo, remains for each additional appointment and comes off the last session. (

* There is no charge for drawing/creation, unless I deem the project to be consuming, then we'll talk.