DEPOSIT for Whiteflowers on Vine tattoo

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DEPOSIT for Whiteflowers on Vine tattoo


(COLOR TATTOO) I'll render this as close to the original illustration as possible. And I'm open to placement on these! (These are lovely and intricate and will take awhile, I'm excited to render them out in color -rare for me :)

  • The price of this tattoo is $750
  • $250 is your non-refundable deposit and comes off of the price of the tattoo. (So bring $500 cash to your appointment)
  • Sizing is negotiable, but this prints at 8" tall. There's a minimum size I can go, but I can always go larger... (like really large, but I'll charge more based on time)
  • Tattoo will be in color and pricing is based on leg or arm placement. But! I'm really open to placement on these. Just know I may charge a little more for, say, ribs, or other areas that take much longer. 
  • Free touch-up, of course.
  • Your appointment for this tattoo will be at Pioneer on Friday, November 17th at 1pm.

Deposits are non-refundable, appointment dates and times are non transferable.

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