DEPOSIT for Scelochilus ottonis illustration tattoo

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DEPOSIT for Scelochilus ottonis illustration tattoo


You're paying the DEPOSIT for this illustration taken from Paxton's Flower Garden - by Professor John Lindley and Sir Joseph Paxton (1854). I'll render this as close to the original but I'll add smoother shading. I think the unique shape of this will really fit the body.

(Scelochilus ottonis. An orchid with yellow flowers with a few red streaks; from Venezuela.)

  • The price of this tattoo is $400
  • $100 is your non-refundable deposit and comes off of the price of the tattoo. (Bring $200 cash your appointments)
  • Sizing is between 4"-7" tall
  • Tattoo will be black and grey and will preferably be placed on an arm, leg, or shoulder.
  • Free touch-up, of course.
  • Your session for this tattoo will be at Pioneer on Thurs, Dec 29th at 10am.

Deposits are non-refundable, appointment dates and times are non transferable.

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