• I only tattoo in black and gray.

  • Occasionally a second session is needed. Depends on the complexity of the work. This would be discussed and would be free of charge unless the size/complexity is above and beyond and then we’d discuss hourly pricing after the first day.

  • A touch-up is absolutely free. If anything needs to be darkened or heals off because of the scarring, we’ll setup another quick session to fix it all.

  • Sizing: From small to medium... at most I’ve filled up a sheet of paper in a day. But I’ve also tattooed one large flower down an entire back. I can help you with this, but if you want a super detailed image, expect 7”x 6”.

You’ve been accepted as a day rate client! That's exciting for me, I’ve found these days to be my favorite pieces each month. It’s a time to pour myself into something incredible… this place will give you information to help you along the process.


First and foremost, thank you for doing this. These days fund a mastectomy tattoo grant. It’s incredible. On the day of the appointment, I’d love to tell you more about that and how the money helps. It means a lot, so thank you.

Now help me with what you’re thinking…
Load me up with one giant email. Send it to Please include as many references as you’d like. I prefer illustrations, photography, paintings, etc. (as opposed to other tattoos) But you’re welcome to show me other tattoos for examples.

My goal is to create something beautiful with you. I’ll wrap my head around it and be ready to sit with you the day of the appointment. I design the majority of your tattoo that morning, before we tattoo. This way, you’ll be a part of the process and help me cater the image to suit what you want!

Finally, I’ll talk you through the tattoo process and we’ll tattoo! 

Deposit and Payment
Paypal to deposit and secure the appointment. (If you’d prefer to run a CC, you can email me the info)
Remainder of the payment is accepted via CC at the appointment.

Deposit is non-refundable, non-transferable.

*Some clients ask to make payments before the tattoo - if you want to pay some in advance, it’s okay to send up to 2k via Paypal. (as friends and family)