DEPOSIT for Hoitsu peony tattoo

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DEPOSIT for Hoitsu peony tattoo


By Sakai, Hōitsu - I'll render this close to the original illustration, but with my own take on the style.  This is a two session tattoo. The first will be an outline and slight shading, the second will be fully rendered over the healed first session. This would be a beautiful arm or leg piece and will fade off and wrap. But whatever you want! Also would be lovely filler with other pieces around it.

  • The price of this tattoo is $300 an hour.
  • $300 is your non-refundable deposit and comes off of the price of the tattoo. 
  • Sizing is negotiable, but this prints at 11" tall. There's a minimum size I can go, but I can always go larger... (like really large, but I'll charge more based on time)
  • Tattoo will be black and grey and pricing is based on leg or arm placement. But! I'm really open to placement on these. Just know I may charge a little more for, say, ribs, or other areas that take much longer. 
  • Free touch-up, of course.
  • Your first appointment for this tattoo will be at Pioneer on Wednesday, December 6th at 10am (Second session will be schedule over email)

Deposits are non-refundable, appointment dates and times are non transferable.

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