I started Allen Tattoo as a personal project.

Eight years ago I left my graphic design career and jumped into the world of tattooing.

I had always wanted to illustrate. So why not build a new career based on something I love? To draw; to build on foundations and learn.  With the support of family and friends, I started my apprenticeship at Bluebird Tattoo (Indiana). 

Allen Tattoo was used to journal and chart my learning process. 

Years later, my career has grown. A burgeoning clientele pulled time away from recording the process, so this site has sat idle... but now I'm excited to use this space. I'll be posting randomly:

  • Session work comparisons
  • Process shots
  • Tattoo details
  • Inspiring reference
  • Whatever the hell I want


Hopefully, you'll enjoy. Now I just have to remember to stay at this...