Day two of painting

Today I slowed myself down. There's a pace that'll happen here, I just don't know it yet. My routine has been uprooted and I'll find a new one soon. But it's confusing and all I know to do is paint. It still moves me. It still carries the same weight.

Because I'm in this mindset and because paint supplies are all over, it'd be easy to just step in and out of the process throughout the day. I have to remember this. Much of the battle is the setup and ease of jumping in. I'm learning this about myself.

But I'll sleep early tonight. Tomorrow I'll work on a piece. I'll choose one that I'd rather not work on. Which is a bit strange. These paintings already have baggage. Maybe that's just me wrapping my head around the next steps. Or maybe I'm just picky. As I analyze these, there are those that I'm excited about and now those I'm keeping at bay. Going in, I've been gung ho about every one, so I'm curious paying attention to my unconscious process. Now to figure out how to be honest with myself regarding each one.

Whatever the case, I'm in. Here's the one I worked on today: